Tips for Increasing Marathon Pace

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Marathon Pace

As an executive in the life insurance industry, Michael Wodchis balances his professional life with his commitment to personal fitness. Michael Wodchis stands out as a 10-time marathon runner who completed his fastest marathon in three hours and 13 minutes.

Virtually all marathon runners want to improve their speed. Many simply calculate the desired pace and strive for that pace on every run, though this strategy fails to consider the increased demands of a 26.2-mile endeavor. To account for this variable, runners should begin by calculating the maximum speed they can sustain for as long as an hour.

When runners know this pace, they can develop strategies for increasing both speed and endurance. Experts suggest that speed should be the focus as long as the race is 12 weeks or more in the future. Up to this deadline, runners can work on balancing repeats of their maximum long-distance speed with moderated long runs.

Meanwhile, runners can work on increasing overall maximum speed by incorporating variable pace and tempo runs into their weekly training sessions. Speed and tempo runs work best when interspersed with long runs and easier runs. Ideally, runners will follow their most rigorous workouts with rest days so their legs can recover and have the strength to incorporate gains.